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Trust is a fundamental but intangible dimension in the relationship between a planner and her clients.

I always invite my prospects to meet me in person or to fix a video chat as soon as possible to check the chemistry between us!

As I’ll supervise every aspect of your event, be it the overall vision, the budget or the planning , trust is a must. Your trust allows me to persistently do my best! No trust, no party!



My vision of style takes inspiration from the neoclassical concept of “perfect beauty” as a result of equilibrium. The organization of a sophisticated event requires a balanced mix of details, elements and style. I’ll make it my challenge to offer a higher level of personalization by attending to my client’s wishes, ideas and passions! Equilibrium results from the combination of your wishes, the beauty and elegance of your venu and my touch!

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Planning, coordinating and managing can be extremely distressing. A positive attitude and empathy are the invaluable assets which allow me to reassure even the most apprehensive bride!



Job without passion is something extremely frustrating.
That’s all!



24/7 availability is the key to Customer satisfaction. The promptness of my replies sometimes surprises my clients. This said, please, don’t forget jet-lag!

The protection of your private sphere is of utmost importance to me and I’ll safeguard your confidentiality.

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Whether you are planning the most stunning wedding of the season, a romantic and intimate ceremony, a gorgeous birthday party or a corporate gala dinner, I can contribute with joy, style and efficacy.


If we’re fine-tuned on what above, it’s a good starting point!

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